Providing Healthy Living Environment

Enputech Co., Ltd.

Providing Healthy Living Environment

Environmental conservation

Contribute to the co-prosperity of humanity by purifying and preserving the natural environment

Co-prosperity of humanity

Our goal is to help to create a healthy living space that humankind is not threatening by viruses and bacteria that cause illnesses.

Develop new technologies

Retain new global technologies on environmental purification and restoration technologies.


Contribute to the reduction of foreign currency by localization of environmental purification and restoration technologies.

Export New Technologies

Export new technologies in the environmental field to lead the acquisition of foreign currency and the development of related industries.

Professional Environmental Technology Company

Grow into 21C leading Total Environmental Purification Technology Company.

Management philosophy

Enputeco co.,Ltd.

Enputech (Environmental Purification Technology) specializes in manufacturing and selling sterilizing purifiers so that customers can live in pleasant and comfortable spaces without being threatened by germs, viruses, or mites. We are leading related industries by continuously developing technologies to sterilize contaminated humans and environments. We developed Air Sterilizer and UV sterilizer that eradicates harmful dust mites, viruses, and bacteria that live on bed mattresses, blankets, carpets, etc., and livestock disinfection systems and ultrasonic sterilization purifiers that can prevent foot-and-mouth disease and various pollution.