UV Sterilizer Purelight

Korean sterilizers produced since 2002
A new fourth- generation model that can use for air sterilization is now available

Purelight hold the various test report, patents and certification.

Vehicle Bio Disinfection System

Leader of Korean Vehicle and human bio disinfection system
Receive Korean NeT (New excellent Technology)

Use the eco-friendly disinfectants to protect the environment
and reduce the cost

Walk Through Human Bio Sterilizer

Using UV-C to sterilize, no residue will be left
All visitors can be disinfected when entering

It turns on automatically when a person passes by
High Technology and Modern Design

It’s different when we makes it

We make the best product with our remarkable technology accumulated over the years


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Test Report

You can check out all our test reports from Korea and overseas, also you can download it.

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Check out the all our patent and certification

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CleanCare IOT 6002, 6003

Air Sterilizer ‘CleanCare’


Enputech Co., Ltd.

Human Bio Disinfection system ‘Walk Through’
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Human Bio Disinfection System- HAS-1530
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Hypochloric acid generator Pu:lox
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