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Give you the safe and stable life from Dust mites, viruses, bacteria
We care about you and the environment first.

Year Founded

June, 2002

Number of Employees

17 persons (based on the 2020)

Business Areas

UV sterilizer, Air sterilizer purifier, stroller sterilizer, Vehicle and human bio sterilizing system

Status of holding

Patent: 32
Certification: 16

Dust mites and various bacteria are the cause of allergy and asthma. Also, certain viruses are threatened human life such as SARS, flu, foot-and-mouth disease, MERS and Covid-19. So Enputech. Co., ltd. is dedicated to providing quality air for all your needs through an exceptional technology of ultraviolet (UV) light, Photocatalytic, and Negative Ion. Enputech is committed to develop the various sterilization methods to use the UV, ozone, and photocatalytic to make a safe and healthy living space from the dust mite, bacteria and virus. Our goal is to enhance the quality of your life by providing superior product, excellent recommendations and dependable service for all of your residential air needs.

Company name
(주)Enputech Co., Ltd.
HaeYeon Cho, HwaYong Lee
Year Founded
10, june, 2002
Business Areas
UV sterilizer / Air Sterilized / Vehicle Bio Disinfection System / Stroller Sterilizer / Human Bio Disinfection system / Photocatalysis / Pu:lox / LebeLang (Home appliances)
Head Office Address
24, Baekgogae-gil 161beon-gil, Gonjiam-eup, Gwangju-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea

Enputech Co., Ltd.

UV Sterilizer


From the first generation released in 2002 to the 4th generation model in 2020, the evolution of the Purelight for your healthy life will continues.

Photocatalyst Honeycomb Filter

Photocatalyst filter

Enputech’s photocatalyst honeycomb filter is increasing photocatalytic activity using particles 20nm~40nm.

Vehicle Bio Disinfection System

vehicle sterilizer

Holding the Korea quarantine headquarters evaluation report and get the patent of central control system.

Stroller sterilizer

shopping trolley sterilizer

Stroller sterilizer can sterilize 99.9% of viruses and bacteria in short time. It can customize the size.